Back   Property Damage Estimate and Payment Status (004012X117)


The Property Damage Estimate and Payment Status Implementation Guide describes the use of the ANSI ASC X12 Property Damage Report (112) transaction set for the following business usage:
  • Provide property damage information, cost estimates, disposition of P&C claims, analysis of construction components, and payment status from vendors to insurers

Primary Trading Partners

Trading partners include:
  • Vendors, such as independent adjusting companies, service and information providers, contractors, and their respective bureaus
  • Property & Casualty insurance companies


This implementation guide is not intended to be used for vehicle damage.


This is the first implementation guide for this business purpose.


X12N/SPTG1/WG1 is coordinating with X12F (Finance Subcommittee).

Additional Information

Registered 10/26/1998
Transaction Set ID 112 Standard Version 004012
ASC X12 DM# Owning Group X12N/TG1/WG2