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The Multiple Product Premium Billing Implementation Guide describes the use of the ANSI ASC X12 Consolidated Invoice/Statement (811) transaction set, version 004010; and the ANSI ASC X12 Application Advice (824) transaction set, version 004010 for the following business usages:
  • Transmit billing information for a wide variety of insurance related products, to include life, property and casualty, and health related products.
  • Provide the vehicle to facilitate multiple products on a single cosolidated bill or provide a common format for separate bills by product for remittance to a single entity.

Primary Trading Partners

Trading partners include:
  • Payroll departments
  • Third party payroll processors or administrators
  • Insurance and health care product administrators
  • Associations or organizations that buy insurance products on behalf of their members


Not intended for use with pension and investment type products or combined billing to mortgage companies.


This is the first implementation guide for this business purpose.


ANSI ASC X12N Insurance Subcommittee:
  • TG1 Property and Casualty
  • TG2 Health Care
  • TG5 Life and Annuity

Additional Information

Registered 10/5/1999
Transaction Set ID 811/824 Standard Version 004010
ASC X12 DM# Owning Group X12N