Back   Rental Management for Vehicle Replacement Rentals (003070X068)


The Rental Management for Vehicle Replacement Rentals Implementation Guide describes the use of the ANSI ASC X12 Property and Casualty Loss Notification transaction set and the ANSI ASC X12 Application Advice (824) transaction set for the following business usages:
  • Request automobile reservations
  • Confirm automobile reservations
  • Update automobile reservations

Primary Trading Partners

Property & Casualty insurance carriers, automobile rental companies, autobody shops, and their respective service bureaus.


This is the first implementation guide for this business purpose.


No coordination required at this time with ANSI ASC X12 groups.

Additional Information

Registered 10/2/1996 Published 6/6/1998
Transaction Set ID 272/824 Standard Version 003070
ASC X12 DM# Owning Group X12N/TG1/WG2