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The Premium Payment Grace Period Notification Implementation Guide describes the use of the ASC X12 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information (271) transaction set for reporting Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Premium Payment Grace Period, other (non-HIX) premium payment grace periods, and related information from health plans to providers.

Primary Trading Partners

Entities sending the transaction:
  • Health Plans which include insurance companies, third party administrators, and their business associates
Entities receiving the transaction:
  • Providers which include but are not limited to: hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, physicians, dentists, allied professional groups, and their business associates


This is the first implementation guide for this business purpose.

Additional Information

Registered 9/8/2015 Published 10/5/2016
Transaction Set ID 271 Standard Version 007030
ASC X12 DM# 024116 Owning Group X12N/TGB