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The Provider Enrollment for EDI Services Technical Report Type 3 describes the use of the ASC X12 Trading Partner Profile (838) transaction set, version 0006020 for the following business usage:
  • Request and respond to requests for enrollment to conduct electronic data interchange services (including but not limited to the exchange of transactions mandated under HIPAA), as well as to update provider or agent information.
  • The Provider Enrollment for EDI Services will facilitate the transition when trading partners move from paper to electronic services.

Primary Trading Partners

Trading partners may include but are not limited to:
  • Providers, e.g. clinicians, laboratories, pharmacies, facilities
  • Health Plans
  • Agents, e.g. clearinghouses, billing services


This is the first implementation guide for this business purpose.

Additional Information

Registered 5/18/2012
Transaction Set ID 838 Standard Version 006020
ASC X12 DM# 043212 Owning Group X12N/TGB/WG15